Camping at Jig Head Brewing

Heading out across the country to the #Beernow21 event in Austin, we spent our first night at Jig Head Brewing. I didn’t know what a jig head was until we went there. It’s a type of fishing hook setup. The givaway was two guys down the bar deep in conversation about all aspects of fishing. Personally, I’m not much a a fisher but these guys were really into it. As they say on Southpark…”We all learned something today!”

Flight at Jig Head Brewing

Jig Head is a Harvest Host location in Cookeville, TN. It was super easy to make the reservation and the space was nice and flat. There was a lot of light there but thar’s expected in a parking lot. The bartender cam out an showed us the options. He was great!

The BeeRV at Jig Head Brewing!

Harvest Host is an app on your phone that you pay an annual fee for. There are literally thousands of places you can stay at for free. The expectaion is that you purchase something at the location. There are breweries, Wineries, farms and even businesses in the program. If you want to sign up use this link. Business and breweries can also sign up here.

Beer Menu

We tasted the beer and food and it was all good. The young man working was polite and friendly. We would highly reccomend it for an overnight stop.

The jig heads are at the top of the sticker

This was our first stop on the trip, more to come!

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